Elderberry Elixir- Immune tonic

Elderberry Elixir- Immune tonic
  • Elderberry Elixir- Immune tonic
  • Elderberry Elixir- Immune tonic
  • Elderberry Elixir- Immune tonic

Elderberry elixir is one of the first formulas I learned to make from my mentor, Kiva Rose, and over the years, my formula has taken on its own form (as these things do). Its roots, however, go back to that basic elder formula that every western herbalist has in their medicine cabinet. 

Elder berries are a fantastic immunomodulator, and anti-viral. When taken at first sign of cold or flu, it'll often prevent you from getting sick at all, and in most cases reduces an existing virus (or one that does actually set root) to three days or so. 

Take small, consistent doses, at first sign of getting sick. Follow with some warm diaphoretic-tea (mint, elderflower and yarrow works well) and a long rest, and you'll be feeling better in no time. 

Your medicine cabinet should not be without this. 




Fresh elder (sambucus Mexicana/ nigra) berries and flowers: an Israeli clinical trial showed that elder berries reduced the length of a flu virus to three days, where the control group who received nothing remained sick for a whole week. 

Lemon peel: Energy mover and high in vitamin C

Fresh reishi mushroom: Immune booster extraordinaire, plus mind-calming, and balance-restoring.

Fresh astragalus root: Another fantastic immune booster, this time more focused on supporting the reserves of the body. 

Fresh boneset: This boneset was gathered in Kentucky and dragged home on a plane (explaining this to the TSA was no small feat). Boneset is most useful in the types of flu where your BONES ache and you can't get comfortable, where everything just hurts. Boosts immunity, helps fight the bugs, and gets you better faster. 

Cinnamon*: Warming, circulation-stimulating and delicious. 

Cardamom*: Warming, helps clear phlegm. 

Ginger*: Warming, drying, and helps clear phlegm from the lungs and stomach. 

Fresh mullein leaves: One of our favourite lung herbs, mullein calms a spasmodic cough while soothing and nourishing hot dry lung tissue. Magic stuff, really. 


All herbs used unless indicated with a * are fresh and ethically wildcrafted. * herbs are organically grown. 



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