Bloom: a surprise box of softening

Bloom: a surprise box of softening
  • Bloom: a surprise box of softening
  • Bloom: a surprise box of softening
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{{ Ships July 25th or thereabouts }} 

People are hard on themselves. It’s something I think we learn so early on, because we observe it in the world around us, in the people around us. An epidemic of self-hatred has swept the earth, and it manifests in such insidious ways: we push ourselves to do more, work harder, work faster, achieve more, create more. It’s a nasty cycle that keeps us feeling terrible about ourselves and deep down we do this to ourselves because we feel like we deserve it. There’s a hardness in there— a belief that we should be more, and the people around us should too.

All of this pushing, hatred, and hardness creates an internal pressure: close your eyes and you can feel it. It’s a pressure that tenses your diaphragm, collapses your chest, tightens your jaw. And it serves one purpose: to reinforce some bullshit self-belief that we hold about our place and our worth in the world.

And the answer is so easy and yet often so hard: choose another path. Let that pressure relax, and the life flow through your body. At its core, its a choice to stop being hard on yourself, a choice to be enough as you are… to love yourself despite all the imperfections. And that, dear people, has a simple recipe: a drop of kindness. And maybe a sprinkle of generosity. A good dose of softening and a half drop of allowing. It softens the barriers that we surround ourselves with, that create a constant pressure, that block us from the world. And in that softening, life starts to flow through us again.

Feel it now: relax the soles of your feet. Soften your pelvic floor. Relax your diaphragm. Soften the front of your chest. Close your eyes and feel the world tapping at your edges trying to get in and for a second, just let it. Allow it. 

At its core, this surprise box is a reminder to be kind to yourself: that you don’t have to do and be it all, that as you are, you are fine. More than fine. Incredible. Where you need to be. Dare I say, perfect as you are, in all that glorious work-in-progress imperfection.

This is a box of self-forgiveness— to let go of all that hard-as-nails anger at yourself you have going on. Self-love, even. A box of softness, opening, and gratitude. 

Because really, you’re totally ok. 

I’ll be working with various plants, with an emphasis on wild rose blossoms, hawthorn flowers, shatavari, pedicularis. 

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

Bloom: a rose, shatavari, pedicularis and cardamom syrup.
Rose, sandalwood and pedicularis bath salts.
Sacred forgiveness anointing oil
soften + bloom: rose, pedicularis and hawthorn body oil
rose, pedicularis and hawthorn incense
albizia, rose, hawthorn flower, elderflower, monkey flower tea
rose + softening bath decoction
rose + hawthorn berry shrub
albizia + rose + hawthorn atmosphere mist


All of this will come wrapped in linen with a bi-fold describing the herbs used, with recipes.


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