Busted Joint Elixir

Busted Joint Elixir
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Busted Joint Elixir was made to complement Busted Joint Ointment-- our best selling pain and injury rellief salve. The blend of fresh Solomon's Seal, fresh turmeric, fresh ashwagandha root and fresh wildcrafted horsetail works magic on sore, stiff, injured or creaky joints. 

Solomon's Seal: Solomon's seal helps to restore function to ligaments and tendons. It will also help with broken bones, pain, creaky joints, achy joints and ligaments and tendons that need strengthening. For more information, please check out Matthew Wood's in depth article on solomon's seal HERE

Horsetail: Horsetail loves cartilage. I've seen miraculous things happen to cartilage injuries from horsetail alone. 

Ashwagandha: A deeply nourishing herb, ashwagandha helps to rebuild a worn out body, giving deep sustained energy. 

Turmeric: One of the best anti-inflammatories in the world, turmeric helps to calm swelling and inflammation.


For best results, use in conjunction with Busted Joint Ointment. 

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