Busted Joint Ointment

Busted Joint Ointment
  • Busted Joint Ointment
  • Busted Joint Ointment

Do you experience joint pain? Injuries? Achy muscles after an intense work out? Busted Joint Ointment to the rescue! This is by far our most popular product, for good reason- it soothes pain, moves stagnation, and helps injuries heal faster.

Busted Joint Ointment contains a mixture of polygonatum (solomon's seal), populus (cottonwood), solidago (goldenrod), equisetum (horsetail), St John's Wort and camphor in a base of coconut oil. 

Solomon’s seal is a relatively unknown herb that is unsurpassed in its use for tendon and ligament injuries- bringing nourishment to the damaged tissues, and healing in record time. 

Cottonwood is renowned by Western herbalists for its use as a pain reliever. It alleviates pain and swelling, but more importantly it speeds healing to the area, and tightens boggy, swollen tissue. Cottonwood works especially well as a muscle rub and pain reliever for sore muscles from overexertion (or over-ambition), but is also extremely useful for acute injuries. 

Goldenrod warms and heals muscles, speeding healing and alleviating pain. It works best for injured joints that ache constantly, especially at night, making sleep somewhat difficult. And this common weed excels at healing muscles- tears, swellings and bruises- in a very short time span. 

St John's Wort relieved inflammation, soothes nerve pain and speeds healing. 
Our customers have reported Busted Joint Ointment to be useful for a multitude of things, including:
  • Muscle rub for sore post-work out muscles
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Salve for sunburned, chapped lips
  • Sports massage ointment 
  • Rub on sore feet after a long work-day
  • Low back pain and injury relief
  • Carpal tunnel pain relief
  • Plantar fasciitis pain relief
  • Swollen insect bites
  • Nasty bruises
  • Tennis elbow
  • Pain relief from inflammation and muscle tears

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