Tidying up: liver support formula

Tidying up: liver support formula
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(formerly Every Day Detox)


This formula gently helps the liver and lymphatic systems do their jobs of metabolising and clearing waste products from the blood. For sluggish, slow, foggy bodies, that feel like they've been in a winter slumber too long. This formula is perfect for you if you suffer from constipation, skin issues like eczema or acne, joint pain, or trouble digesting fats*. More than that though, it's great if you just feel bogged down and heavy, like there's sludge in your veins. 

I haven't had this in stock for a LONG time, but just made a fresh batch for some upcoming gift boxes. This is a daily liver and lymphatic support formula-- gentle enough for every day use but incredibly potent at the same time. Contains a blend of dandelion root, oregon grape root, turmeric root, milk thistle, wild cardoon leaf, citrus peel and alder bark. 

Take 3 droppers a day- preferably just put it in your water bottle and carry it around sipping on it throughout the day. 



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