Peach Leaf and Wild Rose Calming Potion

Peach Leaf and Wild Rose Calming Potion

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Elixirs are herbal extracts made with a combination of brandy and honey. Although they contain alcohol, the dosage is very small-- usually one dropper full. This astringent and fragrant elixir is made with peach leaves (gathered from a feral peach tree!) and wild rose blossoms. 

Peach and rose are both cooling and calming. The two in combination work beautifully for high stress and anxiety, but are gentle enough for children. Peach is also a premier remedy for nausea (especially for people who can't stand ginger), and completely safe during pregnancy. It's also great as a digestive aid, stimulating appetite, and helping to moderate intestinal dysfunctions (for diarrhea or constipation, it'll bring the body back into balance). 

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