Wild Rose Elixir

Wild Rose Elixir

SPRING 2016 PRE-ORDER! Ships May 20th.


I gather these wild roses high in the San Jacinto mountains, along a seasonal stream bed, surrounded by Jeffrey pines and sagebrush. It's a meditative experience, snip, walk, sniff, look up and marvel, repeat. By the end of it, I have the scent of wild rose in my hair, on my fingers, and in my lungs, and I am feeling very, very relaxed.

You see wild roses ease tension. That stuck-in-traffic 'I don't know whether I want to laugh or cry or punch someone or all of the above' feeling where there's energy inside that just isn't moving and it needs to move somewhere. Wild rose acts as a pressure valve release, easing the tension, relaxing the frustration, relaxing the stress that has you wound tightly and ready to burst. Replacing it with a feeling of well being and calm, the knowledge that it's all going to be ok. It's a magic little herb, this one... 

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