Waterways lymphatic elixir

Waterways lymphatic elixir

(available March 1st)


[Read about my most recent obsessions with the lymphatic system and the waters of the body HERE]


This simple but potent formula stimulates lymphatic movement, and provides the liver support necessary to cope with this movement. It contains the following: 

Ocotillo: Moves stagnation in both the lymph and blood and portal venous system: for congestion, sluggishness, poor digestion of fats. Read more on ocotillo HERE. 

Redroot: A potent but gentle herb that tightens the membranes allowing the waters of the body to flow more efficiently. 

Alder: A magical and otherworldly water remedy that simultaneously nourishes and dredges the waters of the body, helping them flow more smoothly and with more clarity. Also, it clears the gunk out, for those with frequent infections and sluggish lymphatic systems.  

mullein leaf: A gentle lymphatic that aids with the smooth flow of the waters of the body. 

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