Warp & weft: held and supported

Warp & weft: held and supported
  • Warp & weft: held and supported
  • Warp & weft: held and supported
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Warp & Weft: held and supported by the universe

I've been feeling exhausted lately, and in my own body, a deep need for the feeling of being held: I picture it like a hammock, or a giant universal web, that holds, nurtures and supports. 

Deeper than nourishment, support has within it the idea of context and connectedness: in order to be supported, we must actually be touched— we have to let the world in, in order for it to hold us. A net. A web. Woven of the fabric of the universe, the warp and weft of the weaving strokes that we are a part of.

With this comes something else that’s difficult: the idea of surrender, and of receiving. In order to receive that support we have to actually allow it, and surrender to it. We have to realise that we are worthy of it, as we are, not with another 5 minutes of work, or having done the dishes, but right now. Tired. Messy. Imperfect. Still deserving.

This surprise box is an exploration of receiving, deserving, and support: a net to hold you, a web to connect, and to remind you that you, as you are right now, are worthy of being held.

I’ll be using some of my favourite herbs: shatavari, cardamom, ashwagandha, milky oat, rose, and kava kava, with a touch of reishi, vanilla and hawthorn, to build a surprise box that embodies that feeling of deserving and receptiveness; nourishment and support. 

In the box will be a tincture or elixir, a tea, a drinkable powder blend (like a hot chocolate but not!), and some sort of external use body product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist. Possible ideas so far include:

Cardamom, ashwagandha and shatavari whipped cocoa body butter
Receptivity bath: a nourishing, connected bath decoction
Receptivity elixir: an elixir of deep connection and nourishment
Vanilla-shatavari milk powder (to be added to warm milk or mylk)
Ashwagandha, shatavari, cardamom infused honey
Nourishing coffee powder (to be added to your morning coffee)
Deep roots syrup (to make your own soda by adding sparkling water)
Warp & weft: an elixir to connect you to the universal web
Restorative chocolate truffles
Deeply rooted cocoa blend
Receptivity (ashwagandha, shatavari, rose, kava, cardamom) infused body oil


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a little bifold and information about the plants used in the box, about the winter, and how to find our roots, and a recipe or two.

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