Desert flower balm

Desert flower balm

Formerly White Sage & chaparral anti-fungal salve (you may receive a salve with an old label!)

Fresh white sage, desert willow, chaparral, and encelia infused in a base of coconut oil and set with beeswax. All of the herbs used are fantastic for stopping bleeding and healing wounds, but are also anti-fungal. Use on wounds to stop bleeding, disinfect, and speed healing. A fantastic salve to have on hand while travelling or camping. 


Salvia apiana (white sage): Speeds healing while disinfecting wounds. Anti-fungal and anti-septic. 

Larrea tridentata (creosote/ chapparal): Stops bleeding in record time, speeds healing of wounds and disinfects. Anti-fungal and anti-septic. 

Desert willow: Strongly anti-fungal

Encelia: Also known as brittlebush, this desert plant is strongly antimicrobial, speeds wound healing, and is antifungal

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